Website Development

Our web development team are responsible for making sure that our websites have all the required functionality that both visitors and site owners will be expecting.

Our bespoke content management systems allow site owners to add, edit and delete content via secure access to the administration system, including blog entries, images, audio and video and to give them access to the data that drives the search engine optimization aspects of the website. For visitors to the site, our developers will be focused on streamlining their ability to navigate the website, re-order database results, search the site and interact with associated social media content.

Our recent web development projects have included accommodation websites which allow site owners full control over pricing, minimum stays, control over the dates for the low/mid/high season calendar. Visitors to the website can check on availablility and prices, view the photo gallery and make bookings online. Other sites have required robust authentication of site visitors as part of their login and signup process. One of our clients in London required highly complex forms to support insurance claims and quotation requests which automatically generate all the data required by the brokers. A key York client is constantly expanding and updating their gallery of finished projects to showcase to visitors to their website.

Our e-commerce systems come with an administration system that automatically updates stock following online orders, whilst also giving the site owners the ability to update when they sell offline or take delivery of new stock. They can add photographs and video following photoshoots and manage pricing, categorization and sizing.

Having a site with all the built-in functionality required for strong visitor engagement and complete content management may increase the original cost of a website but crucially allows our clients to manage the site independently and with ease, without incurring any additional costs for website updates and the addition of new content.

Many of our competitors may offer some of this kind of functionality through websites built using off-the-shelf publishing sytems like Wordpress. However, most of these content management systems employ a one-size-fits-all approach which results in their administration systems being baffling and may require site owners to know their way around all the tags, categorization, paging, plug-in and theme components. Our bespoke systems are prototyped in consultation with our clients so that they have none of this complexity and are built with ease-of-use top of the priorities list.